April 4, 2020 admin

Gary Vee Advice

Gayer Vaynerchuk: Transitioning From Family Business To Personal Business

Quite recently, I had the honor of going through a mentorship program with the esteemed GaryVee. We all know how blunt and colorful he can be when offering up life advice. He can also be so inspiring! He helped open up my eyes to the things of my business and help me inspire my confidence. During a Q&A panel, I was able to ask him how he transitioned from his family business to his own personal brand. GaryVee explains that moving from his family jewelry business to his own personal business took a few different layers of discovery.

Acknowledge Its Existence

Gary started out by answering my question stating “acknowledge your businesses existence.” It’s important to take a step back from your internal hustle and make it known to the world that you have a business. It’s important to share your identity outside of something and make it clear to the world. He first had to separate himself from his family’s business and go out on his own.

Create Content

Once you have established your identity in your business you need to start churning out content. You need to think about all the different brand assets you need. What do you want your brand to say? How can you define it? When people think of your brand how will they describe it? You need to ask yourself these questions early on and then create content out of the answers you get from those questions.

Timing Is Everything

GaryVee spoke to me specifically during this part. He went on to say that being a minority woman in today’s world is something I can use to my advantage. Doors will be opened for me in ways that haven’t been there before. “It’s just the facts, because there is more interest in diversity and women empowerment,” He said to me. There has never been a better time to be me, than right now. It’s my golden year! He also said, I could cold email Forbes right now and they would be interested. But this window is limited, like everything in business and life, things cycle out. GaryVee said the same thing that happened when should have run Instagram and Facebook ads when he didn’t. Essentially he was speaking to something beyond my ethnicity. He was saying to take advantage of the opportunities that are for me out in the world, right now.

Share your brand identity, create content, go write a LinkedIn article about your experience, and speak out into the world about what you are doing. BOOM. There you have it, from the man Gary Vaynerchuk, himself. It was an absolute honor to hear him speak into my life about my business!