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Married To An Entrepreneur

Relationship Talk: Married To An Entrepreneur

Being married to an entrepreneur can come with some uncharted territory. It can be stressful and hard to understand their work flow and needs as a spouse. It’s important to find that work, love, and life balance in order to not only stay afloat- but thrive in your marriage.

Cultivate A Good Support System

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Jason my husband, is the better parent! He gives structure to our kids in a way that I never have been able to. He helps create a good support system for balancing work, raising family, and spending time with each other. My husband believes that trying to restrain your entrepreneur spouse is the worst thing you can do. You have to let them follow their passion. You have to go with the flow and be ready to adapt to their crazy schedule.

Be Humble

Acknowledge each others strengths and weaknesses and capitalize on them.  In places where I am weak, he is strong. The same can be said about his weaknesses and my strengths. My husband’s job is stable and structured. When it comes to my job, I have unlimited potential to grow. Jason was already capped working at his full time job. But having me become an entrepreneur in the family, could only mean that the sky was the limit for our lives. With such contrasting schedules and agendas, we were forced to communicate more with one another. Especially since we have two different parenting styles. We have to talk everything out. We gracefully point out what the other needs to do if they are lacking.

Don’t Keep Score

Be kind and be humble. You have to check your ego and be humble in the relationship.

Keeping score will only make you bitter. When you have a check list of what each other has done, then it will deteriorate the team. If I have to stay up late to finish a project, then I have to sleep in and not take the kids to school. Jason doesn’t hold that against me. It only works if I openly communicate these things with my husband and kids. When they’re aware of my schedule they can adapt to it.

Communicate With Each Other

Not just each other, but the entire family. You’ve got to be clear on what your goals are as an entrepreneur. We are also very open with our kids and how we work through certain situations. We’ve established a good relationship with their kids and that has helped our family as a whole. It’s super important to us that we don’t argue in front of the kids. We never raise our voice or call each other out until we are behind closed doors in privacy. Another thing, is that if I’m being a good business owner one day, then I won’t have enough time to be a good mom at the same time. It can change from day-to-day and week-to-week. I need to communicate who I am going to be on what day to my family members, so they can plan accordingly. At the end of the day, we still need to have a structured house despite our different schedules.

It all comes down this this, we have to understand what is mentally healthy for ourselves.

Remember to take advantage of the moments you have with your spouse and kids. Create experiences that they will remember. Even if you cannot be with them all of the time. Quality experiences where you are present matter more than being around them everyday and not giving them the attention they deserve. A happy marriage and family life is possible, even if you’re an entrepreneur!