April 4, 2020 admin

Passion & Purpose

Finding Your Passion & Purpose

When was last time someone asked you what you were passionate about?

Somehow, our dreams often get pushed to the side when we are growing up. People tend to put a focus on what will make you money and what you can go to college for and get a degree in. We need to focus more on what makes us come alive and then figure out how to make a living off of it. It all comes down to finding your passion and purpose.

Steps To Discover Your Passion

Start out by asking yourself what you like. Collect a bunch of old magazines, cut out pictures that inspire you, and create a vision board. Take note of the images that you place on your board. Is there a common theme? Are there any reoccurring experiences you’ve placed on there? Next, search out companies you would like to work with. If you need to start even further back, make a list of brands you like and then search jobs that are open in that company.  Then, try weeding your interests out. The best way to do this is by trying things out. Observe what fills you up with energy and what you can picture doing every day. Then pursue that.

What If I Have Multiple Passions?

It’s okay to have multiple interests. I have dozens. The problem is, that nothing will get done if I try to tackle all of them at the same time. To save time, pick the one thing that will give you financial stability. If financial stability isn’t of concern, then give yourself more time to decide. Let’s say you have 10 different things you’re passionate about. Take time to narrow those 10 things down to 3 things. Then analyze each one of those things. Ask yourself: If I could only work on 1 thing this year how would I feel? Which one are you drawn to the most? You don’t have to abandon the other 9 things on your list. I simply put mine in what I call the parking lot. I set those things aside for a later time while acknowledging them in the moment. That way it doesn’t dilute what I’m working on currently.

Passion vs. Something I Like

Psst. There is no difference. I believe that they are one and the same. If you like something, then it is your passion. The question you need to ask is: will it be an income generator? The next thing you need to do is figure out how to monetize it. I think we often get caught up in believing that our passion has to answer a philosophical question. It doesn’t! If you like then pursue it as your purpose!

Following Your Passion & Financial Obligations

Turing your passion into your purpose can be difficult when you are figuring out how to make money in the process. Often times, it takes awhile to generate money from your passion. If you find yourself in this situation, supplement your passion with a job that you might not like doing, but will make you money. Money will come when you follow your passion with absolute dedication. Set aside certain hours in your day to focus solely on developing a game plan for pursuing your passion. Just remember, it’s going to require extra work.

The best thing you can do for discovering your passion and purpose is by trying things out. Just do it! You’ll learn quickly what it is you want out of this life. Then you can move forward and get into the nitty gritty of figuring out how to make money. Just start today by doing one thing that will bring you a step closer to figuring that all out.