GSA Schedule

The GSA Schedule is the most widely used government contract, with billions of dollars awarded to small businesses every year. GSA Schedules streamline the buying process with pre-negotiated prices, delivery terms and warranties so that government agencies can quickly and easily shop for businesses and vendors who can provide much needed goods and services. Looking to move into federal work? This is a good place to start.

Our Process

Free Consultation

What does your business need before applying for a GSA Schedule? Fill out a short intake form and have a call with us to figure out if you’re eligible to take the next step.

Complete GSA Schedule Application Service


FWDthink’s GSA Schedule experts will work closely with your team to complete your application as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We’ll address any areas of weakness and shore up your expertise for the best rates and contract positioning.


Use your time wisely. FWDthink prepares all materials possible for you, enabling you to keep your focus on day-to-day operations while we facilitate your application.


We’ve done this before, and we know the best way to progress. Bring us your questions and concerns—we’ll have the answers. Whether you’ve tried this on your own and failed or are starting fresh, we’ll make sure your application is accurate and tailored to your needs and the GSA’s requirements.


We’ll review all financial statements, business documents, narratives, price lists and contracts to make sure your package is as strong as possible. Once your contract is awarded, we’ll even upload your price list to GSA Advantage! for you, too.

GSA Maintenance Packages


The real work begins once your schedule has been awarded. Focus on your contracting needs and let FWDthink cover your GSA schedule maintenance.


GSA Schedules are often complex, and GSA provides little guidance on how to manage schedules—but they also won’t grant relief to a schedule holder for being ignorant of processes and regulations. A GSA Consultant will help you navigate your requirements and stay compliant.


GSA Schedules can have several maintenance requirements, from Industrial Funding Fee payments on a quarterly basis, TDR reporting on a monthly basis, tracking Contractor Teaming Arrangements, and tracking your GSA Task Order proposal discounts. GSA Small Business Subcontracting plans have quarterly and semi-annual reporting requirements, and Contractor Assist Visits benefit from professional assistance and guidance from someone who’s been there before.


Get hands-free GSA Schedule maintenance without having to worry about compliance. We’ll do your IFF/TDR/CAV/eSRS reporting, your CTA establishment and monitoring, and BOA and MFC relationship monitoring.